but i like arod.
my older son likes arod.
my ex wife likes arod.
my younger son, i’m not sure.
he’s more of a phillies
fan anyway.
now ask me about cashman.
i don’t like him.
i think he’s an asshole.
he needs to climb down
skyscrapers and jump
out of planes to get his
rocks off.
he’s definitely an asshole.
ask me about girardi.
i don’t like girardi.
not really an asshole.
could actually be a nice guy.
but he benched arod in the play offs
last year.
got lucky with ibanez.
but didn’t fool me.
benched arod some more.
a company man, girardi.
the steinbrenners, assholes.
don’t have the genius
of father george.
ruining the yanks.
yeah, just give me arod.
drugs and all.
brilliance is brilliance.
greatness is greatness.
a greek hero with hubris.
that’s arod.
i like arod.