The guy’s got no character, as it turns out.
Yep, he suffers from the same moral malaise
as the Yankees ownership and general manager.
How do I know this?
Here’s how.
First, the Yanks got rid of Mike Francessa
because he gave A-rod a fair shake on air.
He gave him a voice.
He didn’t say he’s guilty or not guilty.
He simply reserved judgment and treated
him with respect.
Well, this simple, manly act of professionalism
cost Francessa his job.
After a few weeks, a new host, a new program
was announced. It would be Michael Kay.
This would be bad enough, that he would accept
this job.
But, all right, we’ll cut him some slack and say,
sure, advance your two-bit career and take
the post, even under dishonorable conditions.
It’s not your fault. You took a job, that’s all.
But that wasn’t all.
First show, Kay sits there with his sidekick,
whose name I don’t even care to know,
and on the table is a freakin’ pedestal.
And on this pedestal is a bottle of Coke.
Yes, that’s right.
A bottle of Coke.
Now, you have to undestand that Mike
Francessa drank what always appeared to
be a bottle of Coke on his show.
This was almost a trademark with him.
So, here we have this Kay guy and his
no-name side kick, a kind of Laurel and Hardy,
or two of the Three Stooges.
The side kick picks up a garbage can
and, no kidding around, this Kay Jerk ceremoniously
picks up the Coke bottle and gleefully tosses it
into the trash.
Yep, that’s what the Yankees Announcer did.
He tossed, you might actually say, Mike Francessa,
who shows himself to be a superior man,
into the trash.
So, here you have it, friends.
A new Yankees poem.