Baseball Bard is a not-for-profit membership organization of poets who write about baseball. Our collection of published poems is found at the website baseballbard.com

The mission of Baseball Bard is to encourage the writing and reading of poetry and verse. So much of the poetry written today is inaccessible, even to perceptive readers. Modern poetry has become, in the words of one prominent observer, “an intramural sport played by academics and refereed by elitists.” A recent study of a poetry contest sponsored by a prominent literary journal revealed a startling fact: a majority of readers could not discern the subject matter of the winning poem.

Baseball Bard takes a different approach. We feature poems about a subject matter most people are familiar with and, to some degree at least, understand. The site operates according to the time-honored schoolyard principle: anyone who can swing a bat gets to play. Any poem or verse that meets minimum literary standards (including spelling, punctuation and grammar) is published. Our roster includes poets at every level: well-known widely published authors, as well as writers new to the game. The common bond is love of the game of baseball. Writers need not become members to be eligible for publication. But membership is encouraged, as it helps fund the organization.

Baseball Bard was founded in 2011 by Mark Sickman of La Jolla, California. Mark is a graduate of Loyola University of Chicago and earned his M.A. at the University of Missouri. He spent his career as a professional writer, primarily in the field of business communications. Mark served as Associate Creative Director at three of world’s largest advertising agencies. He is also a lifelong reader, and author, of poetry.