yankee owners are a disgrace.
not only what they’re doing to
rodriguez (and I’m not saying
he didn’t take drugs, like a hundred
other ballplayers did and still do),
but what they’ve done to the team:
got rid of Granderson, let Cano go,
and even, two years ago, publicly told
Jeter to test the market if he wasn’t
happy. And even how they encouraged
Mariano, who did so much for the team,
to participate in the circus his leaving
became. All of these things. Cashman
and owners have no love for baseball.
It’s all about the money now, and that’s
all it’s about. This year they will put
a team on the field that may come in 4th,
3rd at best. And if it was the best team
they could have fielded, done in good faith,
how they finished or performed would be
fine. It’s all part of the game. But the
owners and Cashman are not in good faith.
They’ve become a group of mean-spirited
businessmen. As my son John has said
many times: “Remember this, Dad.
They tore down Yankee Stadium.”