Democrats, Republicans, Independents, No-Labelers, Green Party,
Libertarians, No-Namers, Lefties, Righties, Ambidexters,
Altos, sopranos, baritones, dog-lovers, cat-lovers, animal
Haters, males, females, LGBTQ+’ers, believers,
Non-believers, Catholics, Protestants, Hindus, Jews —
Cultural, ultra-Orthodox, Conservative, Modern Orthodox —
Tall and short people and those in between, people from
Many nations and from this nation before it ever was,
Meatheads and Deadheads, flower and black power children,
Honest and dishonest, book-smart and streetwise,
Those who hide emotions and those who share them readily,
Those quite well and those who carry illness known or unknown,
Smokers, drinkers, eaters, cursers, those of mild natures and
Tempered habits, those viewing from a practiced vantage point
Of the old pro and those present and presenting rookie status,
Speakers of a multitude of languages yet able to communicate
In one common yet passionate voice:
We stand united! We are . . .
Baseball fans!
Let’s honor the spirit of the game we love —
Play ball!!