Originally debuted against the Louisville Eclipse.
Debuted May 1st, 1884.
Move over Jackie Robinson.
Toiled with the Toledo Redstockings.

Parleyed his tools of ignorance, a catcher.
Died at 68 years of age.

A ballplayer at Oberlin College and Wolverine country, The University of Michigan.
Played against sparkplug Cap Anson of Cubs fame.
The emergence of the color line came to fruition.
Played 42 games for Toledo.

Tragic upheavals surrounded Walker.
Pleaded for self defense in stabbing and was acquitted.
Guilty of mail robbery and served one year.

Journalistic pursuits awarded Walker in 1908.
Wrote and edited Black Issues journal.
Baseball’s true ethnic pioneer died in 1924.
Credit to a cup of coffee, William Edward White, who played in one game in 1879.