braves @ royals sept 24th, 2019

we sat behind these three, fifty-something guys
the kind that go to games out of habit, who
despite the chilly september evening
topped up on cold ones from the get-go

pausing occasionally to graze on peanuts, leaving
the discarded shells to cascade down through the box seats
to the annoyance of two older ladies, all dressed up in
embroidered royals letter jackets and pleated ‘a-line’ skirts

at certain moments in the game
the braves fans would break out the tomahawk chop
a signal for some to boo in response and others
to stand and shake off the peanut skins from their clothing

as the game waxed and waned and the final inning approached
few seemed to lose interest and head for the parking lot
for those that did decide to leave, well, hell mend them

anyhow, the royals won the game 9 to 6