I am focusing on the head of a pin
To determine not how many, but

If even one angel can dance on it
Or if angels even exist because

No one has ever actually seen one.
Oh, there was the Archangel Gabriel, who

With two angels visited Abraham
So maybe in the bible angels do

exist – in the bible and Hollywood that is
And, of course, in paintings, stories

And cute nicknames for little girls like
Angel or Angel Pie and so on while

Some men call their wives or girlfriends
Angel, but the only angel I ever knew of

Was Angel Scull on a 1954 Topps baseball
Card with his Washington Senators cap

And his face on a green background
Scull was an Angel who couldn’t fly –

Even worse he couldn’t hit in the
Majors so when spring training ended

The Senators headed home to Washington
Angel was shipped back to the minors

Which is to say an angel can play baseball but not dance
On the head of a pin – even if one exists

Note: Angel Scull was a Cuban baseball player who never played in the majors. However, in 1954 Topps issued his baseball card, but a spring training injury ended his career. Unlike Moonlight Graham or Adam Greenberg, Scull never even had his one at-bat. To my knowledge, his is the only baseball card issued for a player who never appeared in a major league game. Z. S.