Pinch runner “Slugger” McBickell got
caught in a run down pickle
(and was tagged out near second base).

The steal might have worked had
misfortune not lurked
(Slugger stopped to tie a shoe lace).

Slugger dusted off with a grin
and waved to his mom as he jogged in
(while the coach tried to keep a straight face).

In the field Slugger watched a soft pop fly…
and watched it further as it rolled on by
(then tripped while giving chase).

On deck, Slugger could hardly wait
to take his turn at the plate
(but stepped into the wrong batter’s box space).

Can he possibly be that bad?
Mused his tormented dad
(who slipped away to a quiet place).

Maybe we should try another sport …
Maybe take him to a tennis court …
(something more suited to his natural grace).

Or he might take to track with a bit of a hint.
We probably should try a dash or a sprint
(after all, he did well in that Easter egg race).

When the umpire reminded Slugger to put on his hat,
his dad resolved to sell his glove and his bat
(But not yet … just in case).

Then everything became settled and clear;
for sure we’ll do this again next year.
(Slugger hit a dribbler off the other team’s ace).