So momentous was the discovery, other news was swept away:
Mudville had played a doubleheader on that infamous day.

Scholars with redemptive visions hoped for Casey’s sake –
That history in its majesty would correct its cruel mistake.

But it was déjà vu all over again; the blurry microfilm cast a pall.
Down two going into the ninth again; there seemed no chance at all.

Cooney and Barrows were out once more and several curses were heard;
To expect Flynn and Blake to reach again bordered on the absurd.

But Flynn’s roller died in the grass and as he ran from under his hat —
He narrowly beat the throw to first although he was out of shape and fat.

Then Jimmy Blake stepped in and the pitch happened to hit his bat.
The ball banged off the left field wall and he was on second like a cat.

Flynn managed to make it to third and slid in mostly unhurt,
The umpire was on top of the play and called “Safe!” through dust and dirt.

Now Casey – glorious Casey – came up, his club held in furious grip.
None had seen him so determined; there was a snarl upon his lip.

The frightened hurler threw the sphere and Casey smashed it with a roar –
Over the fence, across the street, it shattered a factory door.

Alas alas alas alas the ump yelled the ball was foul;
The crowd went mad with rage, but all Casey did was scowl.

Now Casey stood in again, confident in the bellowing throng;
Then suddenly “You’re Out!” was called: it seemed obscenely wrong.

The documents told a story as strange as any you’ve ever heard:
They didn’t pitch to Casey at the plate – but they did pick Flynn off third.

The multitude stood in silence, and some would later claim —
There were tears in Casey’s eyes as the team trudged off in shame.

Forever gone was Casey’s chance to restore his fabled name,
And shadows still haunt the city from that fateful second game.

Next year the team moved to Tanktown, a shift devoid of grace,
And Mudville Stadium was torn down and row houses took its place.

Thus the saga ended, with an outcome unpreferred:
They didn’t pitch to Casey at the plate – but they did pick Flynn off third.