MY GRANDSONS’ GLOVES – (a memory piece)*

When I learned that my pregnant daughter was having a baby boy, I immediately ordered a top-to-of-the line right-handed baseball glove and sent it to her a couple of weeks before he was born. A right-handed glove because no one in our family was left-handed.

Guess what? I soon found out he was a southpaw. I quickly ordered a left-handed model. However, he showed little interest in playing baseball. Now a teenager, ,he enjoys the piano and prefers to study science, history, literature, film making and writing movie reviews.

So he won’t be the next Aaron Judge, but he may be the next Aaron Copeland or Elon Musk or JFK.

Meanwhile my younger grandson, for whom I also bought a top-of-the-line right-handed glove when he was born is a very good athlete (and a math wiz). He prefers golf to baseball and has extremely good hand-eye coordination. He has a fluid swing when he does play baseball. He is also a talented juggler, And guess what? The boy is right-handed. In his case I picked the right glove.

As for me, my first baseball glove probably cost two collars. I think it was a Rabbit Maranville model. Yes, I use my right hand.