MARCH MADNESS (basketball)

Have you heard of March Madness? The annual rite
That captivates our nation, you pick the site.
A frenetic three weeks, college basketball’s quest
To see which quintet is America’s best.

In “Tee Vee” hype, where they “know the score,”
They call it “The Road to the Final Four.”
This Bard’s been involved for 30 plus years,
Both at home, in a Dome, some tears, lots of cheers.

The action begins at hoop season’s end
With conference tourneys where teams contend,
In hopes of a bid, at the end of the day,
To play for the crown in the N-C-A-A.

Come Selection Sunday outright tension,
Players, coaches, fans, nervous apprehension.
Then that magic moment – We’re in! Got a chance!
One of 68 picked to go to The Dance!

On Monday morning the discussion gets hot
Over which teams selected, those that were not.
Also which schools received a number one seed
And lots of conjecture re who will succeed.

Then the office pools start, “Brack-et-ol-o-gy,”
Is it really a science when you guess for a fee?
Pick the Cinderellas, those poised to be upset,
Some favorites are sure to fall in “underdog roulette.”

Midst all the hype and hoopla, the raw excitement grows.
Schools make preparations, campus interest shows.
Practices, travel plans, opponent film study,
Calls from alumni, “any tickets Buddy?”

So grab your college sweatshirt and favorite logoed cap,
Pop Prozac in your pocket, google to get a map.
And head to an arena, this Bard may see you there,
For March Madness and The Final Four are a truly special pair.