As an Octogenarian (or one soon to be),
From my aging process, a full potpourri
Of memories, diverse, youth to today,
Allow me a moment one here to convey

From the decade of the Forties, a difficult time,
Post-Depression era—”Hey Buddy! Spare a dime?”
A “remembery” indelible, its impact incredible,
Of a daily consumable, cheap but quite edible.

The Bologna Sandwich, “baloney” to some,
A circular salami, low scale of “yum.”
Served on white bread with mayo as spread,
The Blue Plate Special for those underfed.

The staple of lunches – schools, job sites, mess hall,
In the food mall of fame, deserves its own wall.
Consumed in quantities too numerous to count,
Together with Spam a legacy paramount.

On today’s noonday menu, a variety of “eats,”
Pizza, chili, salads, lean cut deli meats.
But Brokaw’s “Greatest Generation” could easily
make the pitch
That the ration most remembered is …