Two number-six seeds reached championship pay dirt.
An up-and-coming contender, the Rangers pulled it off.
The Brouhaha with the Astros was their holy catalyst.
Poised against the Rays was a clue that they could win.

Astronomical odds in Vegas books and that started this journey.
A brand new stadium, the 2024 All Star Game host.
All facets of this game were emphasized.
Was their promised land wonderful to visit?

The Diamondbacks were a sleeper team from the start.
No wonder, a whispering confidence beset that team.
Manhandled the Dodgers on the West Coast.
Didn’t win on paper, stood up to Philly in the concluding trenches.

The D’backs, everything to gain and nothing to lose.
A jack of all trades, a spiritual leader, Mr Carroll.
Chase Field’s swimming pool, an interesting stadia wrinkle.
Too bad, I didn’t buy a pennant-winning ticket last march.