An incurable illness is all it takes
Emotions capsized at a moment’s notice.
The action in live technicolor.
The perfect screen monitor will dictate the yelling.

Glorious or tragic, a millisecond to determine ballpark feelings.
Droughts and curses, the loudest yell of all.
Read your emotions, hit and run, take the pitcher out.
For years, I pondered my emotions in non-pennant race seasons.

The Orioles won over the Winning Ugly White Sox in ’83,
The Cubs choked it away in ’84.
When it is their time, you will know it.
Driving my Volkswagen Beetle during the seventh game of the World Series in ’16.
Struggled to get my internal composure.

Contagious after winning it all.
A. performance like 4 for 5 in the box score will tell it like it was.
Traipsing emotions and affixed on your team.
Win, win, win that is all it takes.