What do you do when
your home team becomes unwatchable,
when you suffer too many errors,
too many blown saves, paltry hitting?
Do you give up your cable subscription,
berate the players for incompetence,
berate the manager for wrong-headed decisions?
Or, do you take the philosophical stance,
placing your hopes in September call-ups,
taking the longer view, waiting for next year?
No! Long ago, you took a vow of loyalty.
You said, “I do” to the marriage
of you and your team, and as with
the important relationships of your life,
you are duty-bound to honor your commitment,
honor it “in sickness and in health.”
Unwatchable as your team may be,
as sickly and wan as an orphaned child,
you are unalterably tethered and bound,
with ties as strong as any in your life.
They are simply your team.