“Doc, I think I’ve made a breakthrough.
You made me realize life is more than
pitches thrown, wins and losses.
You supported me in the good times,
when my fastball clipped the corners,
and my curve tied batters up in knots.
You stood by me in the bad times,
when I suffered from performance anxiety
on the mound and in the bedroom.
You made me see I needed the cheers
to validate and enhance my ego,
that I needed the love of the fans
because my mother constantly criticized,
and my father refused to play catch with me.
You opened my eyes to the fact
that my anger at the opposing team
was only lashing out, anger displacement.
You explained my folly of associating
my self-worth with my earned run average.
I am eternally grateful to you,
but I do have a small favor to ask.
Can I see you for an emergency session?
We have a big series coming up.”