O Happy Day!
When last we spoke
I told you in the other poem,
a baseball lasts only about
8 pitches in the major leagues
before it is tossed aside,
or hit out of the playing field.
But, look what happened to me!
In the 7th inning of a Mets/Braves game,
I was inserted into play.
Pete Alonso was up and he hit a
pop-up into the second deck, foul.
Miraculously, I landed in the glove
of a wide-eyed seven year-old kid
who could not believe his luck.
He and his father couldn’t stop
screaming for joy, and now,
my fellow baseball friends,
I sit in a pretty glass case
atop their mantle place
above the fireplace.
I am so lucky to have found
this brand new home.