What does the losing right fielder think of
in the middle of a 12-1 rout?
It must be hard to concentrate on the game.
Does he entertain the possibility of a comeback?
Does he think about a to-do list?
Does he wonder about what he will eat for dinner?
Or maybe he’s more philosophical.
It’s only one game, right?
What will I do after baseball?
Wasn’t that woman I met last night cute?
I imagine myself out in right field,
whatever the score.
I am a major leaguer – who knew?
I am making big bucks.
I don’t care if I ever see a fly ball.
Truth is, we will never know what is on his mind,
a memory, a sudden insight, a song, perhaps.
But for now, for us, he is just a stick figure
out in right field, stuck in the mire of a lost game.