Rest in peace, my poor, losing club.
You tried your best, but the baseball gods
threw you some wicked curves.
Injuries gripped at the heels of your infielders.
Injuries pulled at the arms of your starting pitchers,
and poor play by all doomed any chance of success.
So gather up your bats and gloves.
Clean out your lockers and
find your way home to wives and girlfriends.
Surely, take some solace you were granted permission
to play in the highest echelons of the game.
Take courage that life is a continuum,
that losses this year can be converted into wins the next.
The promise of spring training makes believers of us all,
and upon the ashes of this season
we will build a better ball club,
(with a few timely trades, of course.)
Last year’s stats will be forgotten,
and we will rise once more
to revel in the green fields of hope.