My Mets have just signed
L.A. pitcher Max Scherzer
to a three year contract
valued at $130 million dollars.
If you would average his
number of pitches over the last few years,
it would come to roughly $13,000 per pitch!
Where is the outrage?
Where is the protest in the street?
How many bridges could be built?
How many families could be fed?
We have so totally tilted the
monetary scales that all sense
of value and worth seem meaningless.
I understand how capitalism works;
it’s what the market will bear,
but such an explanation does little
to provide a moral justification.
We are a greedy, two-tiered nation
with the gulf between rich and poor
as wide as the Grand Canyon.
Max will be happy with his windfall,
while the world will continue
to shake its head in confusion.