Of course, there is no cheating in baseball.
Who would ever think that?
Like there is no cheating in politics,
marriage, or any other human activity.
Who would cheat in baseball?
Who would steal the innocence
of a young fan forcing his eyes open?
Baseball is a pure, sacrosanct sport,
lauded in legend and history,
played by heroes with 100% rectitude,
athletes who exemplified the best of
American ideals and sportsmanship.
Of course, the playing field is level,
a democratic milieu where merit is rewarded,
and honor and integrity are valued.
Who would want to destroy our dreams,
besmirch our allegiance to a sport
and/or team that gives us reason to cheer
as we go about our ground hog day lives?
Cheating in baseball? No way.
Why are you lying to me?