Well, I was driving downfield,
aiming to reach pay dirt.
She was a worthy opponent,
rated high in the standings,
a girl by reputation who played by the rules.
I scrambled and threw a pass,
hoping to ring up a quick score,
but she swatted it away.
Then she got me for holding,
after I had made a false start.
Her defense caused me to
bobble the ball and then fumble.
I had to call time and regroup,
and eventually came out with a new line.
No dice. She got my guard down,
blocked my forward progress
and stopped me short of the goal line.
“You’ve got no game,” she said.
I realized I was out of my league,
and trying to get to her was a lost cause.
I gave up, defeated and deflated.
Maybe next week I’ll find a new playing field
where I can launch my passes to a new receiver.