2,4,6,8, we think Sigmund’s great.
8,6,4,3 you need some therapy.
Let it tear, let it rip,
we’ll beat you by a Freudian slip.
You’re afraid of Oedipus,
you’ll never get ahead of us.
Pop ’em, drop ’em manic depression,
we’re waiting for your concession.
Bop ’em, stop ’em, panic attack,
compensating for what you lack.
Come on pal, come on mister,
do you want to sleep with your sister?
You’re afraid of your mother,
you harbor ill feelings towards your brother.
You possess no skills, have no game,
your childhood is all to blame.
You’re too insecure to be a hero,
which is why we won, 42-0.