It is the practice of many
minor league ball clubs
to offer their fans free giveaways
like hats, shirts and game passes.
Different organization sponsor these events,
and it so happened the other day
I went to a Brooklyn Cyclones game,
in Coney Island, a minor league team
of my beloved New York Mets.
The game was sponsored by Hadassah,
a world-wide Jewish service organization.
Seated comfortably in the stands,
I was surprised to receive
their free gift: a baseball cap
emblazoned with the Star of David
surrounding the team’s logo.
A flash to the Jews of the 1940s
who were forced to wear such a star,
my relatives for one, plus countless others.
How wonderful America is
that Jews can gather at a a ball game
and proudly display their heritage.
The next batter up in Jay Gordon.
Is he Jewish?