A home run as metaphor?
Sure. Here’s the soaring blast off the bat
of Yankee rookie, Aaron Judge,
landing in the third deck,
some 475 feet away from home plate.
A metaphor for what?
For a rising arc of awe,
for a needed renewal of confidence,
for nothing less than the
risability of the human spirit.
Terrorists attack, murderers abound,
global instability threatens,  governments shake,
and third world poverty goes on never-ending.
No anodyne for sure, but this home run
provides testimony to the achievements of man.
Let the rook hit a moonshot
and for a brief moment in time,
people will high-five in the stands,
or watch, smiling, at their TV sets,
proving once again hope and grace
can rejuvenate a world beset
by problems of its own making.