Leroy Franklin is a coach on the South Side,
A place in Chicago where some wish to hide.
He’s the fourth-ranked coach in Illinois;
he’s brought baseball to some talented boys.
The Wolverines came from the neighborhood,
where Leroy was able to do things good.
He has excellent players like Corey Ray,
Ronell Coleman, and Darius Day.
They start out teaching the little tots;
pretty soon they are great shortstops.
They’re even more serious with the adolescents,
baseball regaining its effervescence.
Leroy Franklin’s approach is “old-school,”
in other words, they follow the rules.
Originally he came to Chicago from New Orleans,
he was raised poor, there wasn’t much quarreling.
His father had always wanted an education,
but didn’t get one because of segregation.
Franklin Sr, had to work as a welder,
Franklin Jr. learned to respect his elders.
He was taught the importance of education,
he missed one day, life no vacation.
The work ethic’s what he now teaches the team,
and they are going on to live their dreams.
People like Leroy these days are a rarity,
what he’s doing is not an act of charity.
He’ s doing it because he’s got qualifications,
he encourages the kids to get educations.
It shows we all can use some inspiration,
he is influencing a new generation.
It shows you are never too old to coach,
and sometimes “old school” is the best approach.