The Whales were Chicago’s original team,
but now it seems like a fading dream.
They were playing Weegham Park in 1915,
in a concrete park made of steel and beam.
The Federal Leagues were founded in 1913,
and Joe Tinker arrived on the scene.
But in those days people died younger.
He was traded to Cincinnati, a blunder.
But Tinker said his very final word,
he’d only play for Chicago or Pittsburgh.
Lucky Charlie Weegham called,
a big league investor who was enthralled.
He wanted to get him to play with the Cubs,
to elevate his status from being a scrub.
But as Tinker joined the team to play,
the Hoosiers began to blow them away.
The Whales and the Rebels were playing for the pennant,
and every player appeared, effervescent.
Two outs and a runner on third,
the screams in the stadium were heard,
Lucky Charlie watched from the stands,
just like a rich man who was in command.
Tinker spent his time in the dugout,
but he was about to see what the game was about.
Tinker ended up in the Hall of Fame,
and the Whales were able to win the game.
The Federal League ended that season,
but baseball survived, the fans were the reason.
Weeghan took over the Cubs in 1916,
but the Whales no longer existed as a team.
Baseball was not much different in those days,
players still constantly asked for a raise!