Ron Reed is a precision hitter,
at least that’s his self-proclaimed label.
A 63-year old Ann Arbor native,
he hits balls because he is able.
He hits hundreds of balls a week,
he sends them flying as far as he can,
you might say he is unique,
he plays alone as a confident man.
He doesn’t run from base to base,
he doesn’t play on any team.
He hits his balls all over the place,
smashing the balls to smithereens.
He’s put mileage on his balls and bats,
he’s made tennis players complain.
But his balls and bats say, “Just for Jesus,”
and he’s not taking his name in vain.
He’s just a simple baseball player,
a precision hitter in the midwest.
He hits the ball and says a prayer,
and to God he leaves all the rest.