Baseball is replete with many victories,
Some Minor and others greater but only one
That could and would be labeled Major.
It is a Minor victory to pass by all the others
Who love the game and put in their greatest effort
And make it to the Minor Leagues, coming face to face
With all the competition eager to move on to greater things,
To larger crowds and better built stadiums and pride in themselves,
Reflected in the eyes of their moms and dads.
It is a minor yet a major victory married of sorts
When a player faces and overcomes a fault
Which hinders his desired progress toward his dreamed of goal
Of being called up to the Show; for one, it’s lack of confidence;
For another one, it’s eradicating stubbornness and melding
With the team, even if that means less playing time
Or a change in positions at the sacrifice of natural ability
For the greater good, for the need of the club, either
Minor or Major. Be aware that a massive victory results from many smaller ones.

Eventually, the Majors may call and with that new and pressured scene,
A host of other victories await the individuals who know their blessing
And answer the invitation. For some, the fear of failure cripples progress
But for most, already ready and prepared, the march continues toward success.
Victory is heard in the cheers of the crowds, music blaring forth from speakers,
Announcers singing praises and most of all, encouragement of teammates
And reassurance from coaches. Let the game begin! And the next …!

Injuries offer unique challenges for a player to show his mettle. From
Pulled and strained ligaments and muscles to broken bones to Tommy John,
These athletes achieve victory by not relenting to the pain but rather meeting
Requirements of discipline and finally returning to the field. At that point,
They repay all the faith and nurturing they have received and show themselves
To be professionals worthy of the uniform and whatever salary they have
Been blessed to earn, after which they rejoin the unrelenting march
To the Final Victory, the World Series crown and a place forever
In the hearts of fans who will relive repeatedly the glory of those games!