Every game is a new story for my heart.
Every time my team takes the field
There’s the possibility of a victory
Or better than that a shut out or
Better than that, a no-hitter.
Every time my team comes up,
We have a chance to score a run.
With each new batter, there’s the feel
That he will drive the ball beyond the wall.
With each pitch we can win or keep from losing.
So many possibilities await me. Each one
Growing from faint wish to desire to dream
And that’s why I return to view each game,
To pursue a fantasy that only a real fan
Can comprehend day after day for up to
Eight whole months (if I am lucky).
Each new game represents a hope,
A wish upon a star that I can strongly sense:
Every moment joy just journeys to my soul
And that is why I must continue to return and wish
And wait for one great moment of explosive ecstasy.

Every season is a new story for my heart . . .