It’s a long journey when every step, every stair hurts

But I threw that out of my mind because that day

Was set to be a gathering of family I had not seen in months —

And what better place than a baseball stadium in the daylight

With the bright green grass and the sandy warning track

And the immaculate uniforms not yet marked by gameplay

Making me ignore the ugly ostentatious displays of ads and

Automated cheerleading and obnoxious graphics? I was there —

My grandkids and my daughter, painfully separated by a too long drive

And COVID threats for many months, showing up and hugging me and

Kissing and sharing stories of the journey to this game — by train and car

And pick-up truck and walking from the station and the over-crowded

Parking lot — and there they were, their voices music to my heart.

The game was an enhancement to our sharing — with the Mets

Coming through against the Marlins, hitting homers for the hometown

Fans, adding smiles and laughter to my family’s miracle of that day:

That we had all arrived and shared the day and got to hug and not Facetime.

Baseball was a perfect background on this chilly April day

To a simple family gathering that was really not so simple

Except in the long-awaited pleasure of the moment. We got to embrace

The moment, the Mets and each other.