As dog days of summer are winding down
Pennant fever has a hold on this town.
It used to be called just a football place.
Our Rangers were mostly a hapless disgrace.

Then the Ryan Express took hold of the reigns.
Back-to-back pennants were the resulting gains.
Not only getting past a playoff first round,
We put our damn Yankees curse under ground.

Despite coming up short now in two in a row,
Playoff excitement’s again starting to grow.
Now, October means post-season baseball here,
And our all-star line-up gives reason to cheer.

It’s lead by Josh Hamilton, a hitting beast,
And Yu, that pitching star from the Far East.
Add a solid hitting infield and bullpen we trust,
It’s now or never, a world championship or bust!

The Angel assembled armada was to be our end-all.
Instead, our competition is Oakland’s Moneyball.
But third time’s a charm, at least so they say,
Meaning it should be our year to go all the way.

Our Boys, Stars, and Mavs all have at least one.
It’s time the Rangers finally get the job done.
Yes, it’s time to achieve the ultimate of thrills,
Not become baseball’s version of the Buffalo Bills.

Sure, others have had a longer title drought,
But let this be our year to get that final out.
Our season should close with a victory cheer,
The only fitting way to end our fortieth year.