it was opening day at petco park
and the diamondbacks were in town
another campaign about to begin
before a stadium full of hope, but not people
I’d spent the morning listening to charlie parker
kansas city blues and all, browsing the news
lying on the sofa with coffee and corn, keeping informed
making ready for the game and the season ahead
but things started badly as I’d left my cell phone
by the pickles at the hot dog stand
so my first friar frank of the year left me with a sour taste
and was perhaps a sign of things to come
following the padres like I do
there are no reasonable expectations of success
yet every once in a while a win comes along
and justifies the merchandise stored at the back of my closet
but on this day, on this day they were victorious
making us all feel warm and glorious
over our win by eight runs to seven
as we looked up to the skies and padre heaven
because today, on this day, they were no april fools
so, what about those padres eh?