(with a tip of the hat to e.e.cummings)

satchel paige thrived on the pitching mound
(kick go up, ball come down)
spring and summer, fall and winter
he hummed his hummer, he chucked that pitch

women and men (he liked to boast)
heard of Satchel coast to coast
they bought their tickets, they cheered & booed
in Wichita Tulsa Rock City Ka’zoo

players guessed (but only a few)
and they shut up ‘cuz the Commish said to
“Not in spring nor summer nor even fall
will whites and blacks be playing ball”

pitch by hit and swing by catch
the Negro League was where you’d find Ol’ Satch
4 Day Creeper or Whipsy-Dipsy-Do
chuckin’ the ball was all to him

but Ruth and Feller and Dizzy Dean too
wanted to play against Satch’s crew
(the bestest whites ‘gainst the bestest blacks)
they played just after the season was through

in Fort Worth & Cruces & Tucson Town
barnstorming they called it, but players knew
(kick go up, ball come down)
same old game no matter who play who

one day Satchel faced the great Babe Ruth
told his infielders to sit & watch the fun
his outfielders he ordered to have a picnic
and Ol’ Satch faced the Bambino one on one

he called on Long Tom to do its best
(his kick went up, the ball came down)
Ruth swung thrice and everyone knew
that Satchel Paige belonged in Cooperstown

with Cy and Diz and King Carl too
Rapid Robert, Hoss, Matty, the Rube
And ol’ Satchel givin’ the game his all
(up goes his kick, down comes the ball)