(tie score, bases loaded, last of the 9th, 3 balls, 2
strikes: Catcher starts razzin’ the hitter)

Gonna take it, Meat?

Bite me.

Ump’s gonna ring you up.

Bite me.

Comin’ right down the center.
Lemme get you a tennis racket.
You don’t look so good.
Are you widdlin’ your pants?

OK, Needledick, my hand is up and I’m steppin’ out.
I’m gonna give a signal and I promise I won’t swing.
No matter what.


I’m back in. Your guy can pitch now.
The blonde right back of us behind the screen,
You saw her earlier – cheerleader cute, big tits.
Now your guy’s in the windup.
She’s gonna flash ‘im (‘em).