Ride down erratic, construction project Interstate 75
Worthwhile use of two hours to reach Crosley Field
This world of wonder emerged from a questionable neighborhood
A gem of 1912 Cincinnati, celebration of red and green
Accommodating Bench and Beatles, Robinson and Rose, Pinson and Purkey

What was that odd semi-trapezoid structural behind right field?
Some would consider an architectural blunder
A quintessential example of cheap seats lovingly called the Sun Deck
A first-degree burn factory before the era of sun screen
A depository for left-hander home runs

It came alive on hot summer days
Decorated with patches of color
From the uniforms of Little League teams
Walking on a carpet of peanut shells
Enduring sticky melted ice cream bleachers

No negative aspects of the experience could chase away the magic
For a young child accustomed to the inconveniences of the 60’s
An afternoon defining the difference between a player and spectator
The thrill of winning a game at home could not match the glory
Of witnessing a professional game as an inspiring level of excellence

As we grew and changed, baseball evolved
Our beloved stadium was discarded
For the cookie-cutter stadium failures of the 70’s
No reason to mourn, the sport still thrills
We will keep forever a joyful memory of childhood