And you know Steve you get the feeling that Billy Chapel
isn’t pitching against left handers, he isn’t pitching against
pinch hitters, he isn’t pitching against the Yankees.
He’s pitching against time.

– Vin Scully, announcer, in “For the Love of the Game”

Boy meets girl, boy – he’s a baseball star, she’s a working gal
like in any good baseball game he makes a hit with her
scores, makes errors while in the bottom of the ninth
he needs time, time to get the opposing team out
time to get the girl, just like a hero in a western movie

Billy Chapel is the minister of pitching in the cathedral
of Yankee Stadium where the greats have played and
continue on, their ghosts powering win after win until
this day when Billy and his team are perfect are at the
altar of greatness and baseball immortality

She roots for him despite the fact they have broken up
her daughter roots for him, even Yankee fans are cheering
for the perfect game while hoping someone breaks it up
and Billy is hoping his finale will be a grand exit, keeps
thinking of her and how to avoid their breakup

Like all movies it is going to end well, Billy will hurl his perfecto
he will get the girl in the end while under the lights of Yankee Stadium
as well as the final scene at the airport where he kneels before her
we see the world at peace, love wins out, Yankee fans are happy
we remember they are, after all, just games – baseball and love