Well it’s 2010 and a long 8 years it’s been
But the Giants are back in the Series again
With the right combination of faces new and old

It could be the greatest story ever told
With an outfield all new and infield re-jiggered
All you can say is who’d have figured

The acquisitions came on the cheap
Seasoned rejects nobody wanted to keep
Huff from the O’s, Burrell from the Rays

Ross from Miami, Lopez from Pittsburgh, PA
Somehow it all jelled and works like nobody’s business
Some call Bochy a genius, some Sabean a wizard

Yes, one thing sure is: they win
With four solid starters and dependable bullpen
Lovable losers they’re not, but like their host city they can be a little off-center, eccentric, or weird

Case in point closer Brian Wilson’s orange shoes, winning gesture, and “fear the beard”
They’ve got that secret ingredient called chemistry
And when Juan “Oooh-Rebay” pops one out you gotta feel a whole “lot of happy”

The big turnaround in the season though was the commitment to Buster Posey in his rookie year
Another big reason was the Bum that knows no fear
Can you believe an all rookie battery in the big event?

C’mon inside the Giant tent
We’re friendly and not like Philly
The panda hats and orange hair are just people being silly

Have you noticed each game there’s been something the same?
Each opponent has worn red white and blue – America’s team or some such crap
It’s a Halloween Series, how entirely appropriate to wear the orange and blac

Put the post-season opponents’ logos together in order and spell APT
Apt to be torture until the fans are sapped and the Series is through
Good luck you lovable underdog Cinderella misfit curse-lifting crew!