Don’t get me started
With each new card it gets harder and harder
To stop
Up ‘til now I hadn’t bought a new card since ‘68
The quality now is pretty great
So I dropped
Some dollars into COMC
And got several interesting bits of cardboard history

Sometimes a card marks where it all started:
The ever so desirable rookie card
Sometimes a card marks where it all ended:
The lifetime stats make it a nice bookend

Pictures these days are better than ever
But I always preferred to study the numbers
The seasons up, the seasons down, the season they made it in
I once astounded an aunt by remembering the batting average of a certain Cleveland Indian

Tiny details, someone may be from your state or town
You might feel different next time they come around
One of my favorites is the no-name players who later coach or manage
Who knew back then they’d become the big man on the stage

Working now on long-delayed collections
Standard stuff and customized confections
All-stars, brothers, odd-balls, and of course everything from ‘68
When legends walked the land, and so many were upper tier greats
Come over and check out my cards
Its still under construction, but you can look at the stars
In this home-made constellation
A loving snapshot of the pastime of the nation