The team is the YANKEES, baseball is the game,
and for too many years the result’s been the same.
True, they’ve won 27, and that’s really great,
it’s taken too long to have won 28.
But this is the year when it will be achieved,
and the fans will realize what they’ve always believed:
The YANKEES are champions; that’s what assured,
and the heck with the losing years they’ve all endured.
This year all the players will “step up to the plate”
and give all they’ve got as fans appreciate.
No more will they hear “He’s just had a bad day”;
that’s exactly the wrong thing announcers could say.
What fans want to hear is “GOING, GOING, GONE!”
That’s what’s listened for once the ballgame is on.
And “WOW, WHAT A GREAT PLAY!” is the other great phrase
that the fans long to see and hear all baseball days.
As the wife of a lifetime fan of New York’s YANKS,
I am crossing my fingers and hope to give thanks
to our great baseball team who’ll surely celebrate
when our own “boys of Summer” reach win 28!