– for Steve Freedman

My call for this year’s World Series,
And I believe it can be a really fine one,
In that you just enjoy the games

But don’t necessarily root for either team,
Is: Oakland (American League Champs) vs.
Washington (National League Champs).

I also practice the creative visualization that
The managers and owners of the Red Sox
(That hapless Boston team I’m still rooting

For because of that Yale battery of Breslow
And Lavarnway), might learn from
The patience, perseverance, and cogency

Of Billy Beane; not to mention culling some
Former Bosox players that were pared from
Their roster. I like those Athletics for

Their pure spunk; and the Nationals, since
They have had something to prove. If I am
Correct, it will be sad to see one of these

Teams lose. Regardng Lavarnway, did you
Know he was a philosophy major? Imagine
Someone catching for any big league team

Who may have specialized in reading Hegel?
I’d recommend that all ball players and fans
Read the poet Jack Spicer, since Hegel did say,

Oh, my God; but could not foresee whether this
Deity may have curved or went in a straight
Line; or was a baseball going, going, and gone.