lily is visiting my neighbors her grandparents
who live above me I am aware when she is home
considering I listen to her romp around playing with
kona the thoroughbred female poodle whose
curly fur is the same color as peanut butter and
as things go my daughter and her husband have an
extra ticket so I invite lily to come see a game with us
when she comes out of her room looking angelic
it is a shock to see her radical metamorphosis
purple glitter eyeliner cloaks her adorable blue eyes
underneath a lovely white baseball cap her long
shining hair flows over a purple tee shirt with
the letters L O V E across the front which hems
under a short gossamer pink transparent skirt revealing
her graceful legs and she is wearing new pink sneakers
on her arm is a purple glitter eyeliner tattoo she composes
duplicating the official logo of the colorado rockies
it is her first ballgame so the rockies give her a certificate
with her full name on it she is genuinely captivating
lily is ten years old with beautiful light brown hair
sparkling lipstick glistens on her pale lips
as alluring as a young teenager and she is bright
bilingual speaking fluent spanish and english
she is the fifth child living with her american mom
an hispanic dad and four brothers when
the rockies win 7 to 4 over the san francisco giants
lily purchases some new baseballs and a golf ball
to take home to mexico for her brothers