1964. My first tryout for pony league.
We stood in the outfield catching fly balls,
then hit a few in batting practice.
Fortunately, the Hertzburg
New Method Book Bindery coach
wanted me to play.

Right field. I made the cut.
Our uniforms were white
with blue caps and blue socks.
Our team won every game that summer.
I was anticipating entering high school in the fall.

When we played Coca-Cola for the city championship,
our season had ended undefeated.
As a reward our team went to St. Louis to watch
the Cards play the San Francisco Giants.
It was my first major league baseball game.
I was one of those kids that never had a
catch with his father. I never knew him.
My older brother Gary showed me
how to throw a knuckle and a curve ball.

Gary went to the Cards game with me as a team chaperone.
The funny thing was no one from my family
ever came to the park to watch me.
I rode my bicycle there and back alone,
each game.