“Chicago Cubs. 2016 World Champions.
You heard it here first.”
     –Michael Lee, Senior Quote

Well, well, well –
look what we have here.
An 18-year old high school prophet
turned 41-year old software engineer
living in suburban Chicago.
Please tell me you were voted
Most Likely to Succeed.

Unlike Nostradamus with his vague
hints at the future,
or John with his Revelations on the Isle of Patamos,
you gave us a specific date
and no confusing metaphors.
What else did you try to teach us?
But who listened?
By the time we dug out and posted online your
prophetic words, the Cubs were already
the favorite, like an American basketball team
in the Summer Olympics
or dancing Bears shuffling through 1985

You claim it came to you in a 1983 dream
with Harry Caray calling home runs.
Close enough.

Even Back to the Future II with its 2015 Cubs prediction,
is close enough.
Sniping into the future and barely missing
is more impressive than shot gun sprays
in a general direction.

Anything else happen in 2016
you wanted to warn us about?
I know you said that your prophecy
was “an extreme coincidence.”
Maybe it was more a prediction
because prophets are not humble.
Shouldn’t you be eating honey and locusts in the desert?
Or warning us about the next great Trojan Horse?

Wait! You’re a software engineer?
I demand to see your browser history.