Spider was telling the story
                                       When he got to the part where he felt they could lose
                                       Up until then he had held all the cards
                                       But one slugger “Rookie,” is worth all his combined
                                      Ace was throwing hard though
                                      Harder than ever in sixteen full seasons
                                      “If he throws a strike I felt we would win”
                                      But Slugger had not yet attempted a swing
                                       He dug in his spikes and gave his shoulders a flitter
                                       The umpire called. “Time!” when the wind kicked up litter
                                       I looked in the crowd and I felt a whole nation
                                       I knew I was known by my whole generation
                                      I got down in my crouch and raised my left eyebrow
                                      I winked with both eyes, showed, “I believe in you now.”
                                      Ace nodded back, he’d regained his composure
                                      Despite that tonight was just over exposure
                                      We gathered our forces, we were ready to go
                                       I felt good  ’bout the pitch we had chosen to throw
                                      But so was the Slugger,
                                      And as Ace released, he got loaded on time
                                       Then, when he hit it!!! … I could not believe
                                      A Grand Slam to WIN IT!!!  … I was quickly relieved
                                       To see it was hooking … foul by three inches
                                       Even today … that one still pinches!
                                       So on went the battle, there’s no clock, don’t you see.
                                       Heck, we could walk him … it’d be tied three to three
                                      And I could write stories that go extra innings
                                      Walking the Slugger just might aid us in winning
                                        So … We Did!
                                                    … and we got the next guy out.