As we line up on the bench, with our shirts so snug
We prepare ourselves for some DB shrugs
If you slam your 30s your considered a lunk
If you squat 4 plates you contain a trunk
We take our cutoffs off of our loop
And then I ask Black, can I bum a scoop?
We take citriline to get our veins going
And then do some cardio to get our blood flowing
We do some curls to show off our crest
And day in and day out we crush some chest
When you tell me your numbers I must not hear lies
So strap on the handles and do some cable flies
As you step on the scale and stare at the number
You feel your heart beat from deep down under
Once you go crush chest and your pecs feel tender
You prepare yourself for the three night bender
As we come to a close before you walk out the door
Ask Bobby if we all can go lighter on core
Go back to the locker and go take a shower
And watch your body bloom like a flower