Crash Davis here. OK, so I got the moniker in Gastonia,
but I had the most fun ever in Sanford, NC, at second base
with the Sanford Spinners that summer of 1939
before my senior year at Duke.
Of course, going to the big leagues was awesome,
three seasons with Connie Mack’s Philadelphia Athletics.
I saw guys I’d never seen – we didn’t have television then –
like Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio.
I played against all those guys.
I’ve had some highlights (including Kevin Costner
playing me in Bull Durham!),
some really exciting times, but Sanford was a joy.
That summer we jelled so much (including with Jean!),
and the food was good!
That was the first time I ever had home brew.
Some of the first things you really feel
always stick out in your mind and, over the years,
become bigger. I enjoyed Sanford
as much as anywhere I’ve ever played,
and I’ve played in a lot of places.
They called Sanford “Spin City” for the Spinners.
It was probably the best baseball town in the state.
We had a good ball club, with an esprit de corps.
We had all the makings of a team,
though we didn’t even have a bus.
We rode in cars to away games.
It was just fun. That was when baseball was fun.
. . .
Well, I’m Carl Yastrzemski. I played
first baseman for the Boston Red Sox,
and I never “enjoyed” baseball –
it was just too much hard work!