Was I there that night for Matt Cain’s gem?
I was not only there – I assisted him!
Before the game began I had some time,
So I piled up some dirt along the first base line.
When the ball was smoked and skipped – just outside,
That’s because my magic soil helped nudge it wide.
Jump ahead to the 5th with the ball hit deep.
From my seat in the bleachers I timed my leap,
And with a mouthful of air I blew the ball back,
To where Melky could catch it on the warning track.
The 7th inning came, I couldn’t shut my trap,
So I yelled out to Blanco, “Hey, mind the gap!”
Because of my advice he didn’t have to think.
After his run, dive and catch he gave me a wink.
I moved in the 9th so I could be near.
In fact I was so close that Bochy could hear
When I called out to him, “Hey, bring in the mitts!”
The best hands took the field to prevent any hits.
And before the last pitch which was hit like a rocket,
I cried out to Belt, “Stick it in your back pocket!”
There’s no need for thanks, Matty. I do what I can,
‘Cause I’m just another ridiculous Giants fan.