Ya’ know, I’m sick of it.

Just sick, all that crap about Cobb.

Cobb this. Cobb that. Today

we’re gonna see! Right today. Right

here in our brand, spankin’ new

Forbes Field Baseball Park.

Right in Pittsburgh.


Bonus Wagner – the Flyin’ Dutchman–

He’s my man and  I’m willing to put my money

where my mouth is.

We’ll see about Cobb: who’s best. Who has the top team.

Ty Cobb!

Wagner’s gonn’a spank him. Cobb and his Deeetroit Tagers

will look like a can of corn; corn

on the cobb after a mill hunky picnic on South Side.


Hey, Hi, Fred. Sure,

throw it here. It looks okay.




Wait a minute,

you, you say you want me to pitch?

But, Coach Clarke, this is the ’09 Series and Jim Watts

is slated to hurl,


I thought.